Media releases & media strategy

In today’s environment of busy newsrooms and tight budgets, the reality is that unless an organisation is crafting and sending its own media releases, it’s challenging to get your genuinely newsworthy product or service developments and achievements published or broadcast in the media.

We help you determine a media strategy, outlining what is newsworthy, whether there are any other angles and which media outlets might be interested in which aspects.

We write a thoroughly-researched, accurate and informative media release for your approval. (And as evidenced by the number of times, Relish Communications’ media releases have been published virtually verbatim, it’s fair to say we’re pretty good at this particular task.)

We’ll create a media release distribution list specifically for you – or help you improve your own media contact list.

We’ll help you take or source great images to support your media release. For most releases, accompanying it with a relevant photo will aid the chances of publication.

We’ll distribute the approved release and images on your behalf. Media are receptive to receiving our emails as we’re known for quality content.

If media interviews are a likely result of sending your release, we’ll help you co-ordinate those. (And if you need help to ensure you’re comfortable speaking with the media, we can recommend some excellent media trainers.)

We’ll provide you with feedback on the results of our media campaign. A thoroughly-researched summary report of online coverage can be completed for an agreed fee or the simple collation of Google Alert type ‘clips’ may suffice.

And we look forward to working with you to develop a plan to maximise the publicity opportunities from any future news.

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