On-event media management

The media room at sporting events is an ever-changing environment. Once full of reporters and photographers from daily newspapers and magazines, the media room is now more likely to be virtually empty during the event. The photographers will be out and about, hard at work capturing digital images of your event, but busy reporters will be in their own newsroom waiting for the event’s media release and results to be sent through. Tight budgets and the speed of electronic communications have changed sports reporting.

These changes make it even more important to have an experienced media manager on-site. For the many motorsport events I’ve worked for, my tasks will include uploading results and news to your website, writing and distributing a daily media release, regular updates and images on Facebook and Twitter as well as signing in accredited media attending the event, handing out photographers’ vests, answering questions from media in attendance or following the event from their newsroom and ensuring they have all the information they need to do their job effectively – which is to report on or provide images of your event in their media outlet.

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